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Safety Through Innovation

At Wabash, safety is our first imperative. We prioritize safety for our employees, our customers and our communities by working on innovations to protect the people who operate our equipment and partnering with others to promote higher standards in transportation and manufacturing.

Highway Safety

When it comes to highway safety, we’re constantly evaluating new and different ways to make our products safer for those who operate them, as well as those who share the road with our transportation products. 

Wabash was the first U.S. trailer manufacturer to receive ISO 14001 certification, the first to build and test to Canada’s more rigorous rear impact standards, and the first to design a stoplight system that enhances collision avoidance by making trailer braking more visible to motorists. Learn more about current Wabash highway safety innovations. 

Wabash also actively participates in and leads industry groups dedicated to promoting highway safety. Ranging from public education to sharing best practices for safer design, these groups drive improvements that save lives. 

Manufacturing Safety

Reflected in our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, Wabash maintains high standards for manufacturing safety. 

Many of our facilities maintain ISO certifications, and several have earned national distinctions as well.

We partner with other manufacturers in the industry to further promote safety through sharing best practices and ideas for implementing higher standards.