Trailer Aerodynamics

Aeroskirt CX  590x415

High-performing Aerodynamics

Flexible solutions on your road to fuel economy.

Wabash's trailer aerodynamic solutions deliver the performance fleets require to reduce operating costs. We take pride in being the first trailer OEM to develop a side skirt to alleviate the challenge of improving fuel economy. Today, fleets and trailer operators can save up to 4.2% in fuel with our impact-resistant AeroSkirt with DuraPlate® Technology or AeroSkirt CX® trailer aerodynamics. 

Wabash uses sophisticated computational fluid dynamics modeling, wind tunnel and track testing for each of our product innovations—leveraging both our own internal testing as well as third-party facilities. We consult with automotive aerodynamic engineering firms to inform our thinking for the next best flexible trailer aerodynamic solutions. 

DID YOU KNOW?   You can save up to 4.2% in fuel with Wabash skirt options.

Certified and American-made

DuraPlate Aeroskirt AeroSkirt Cx
Composite DuraPlate Glass Reinforced
EPA Smartway Verified
CARB Compliant
Made in U.S.A

Durable Fuel Efficiency

Our high-performance DuraPlate side skirts deliver better fuel economy and unmatched damage resistance.

Lightweight Fuel Efficiency

Constructed with glass reinforced plastic, AeroSkirt CX offers improved fuel economy with a flexible, extremely lightweight design.


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