Wabash R&D

Invested in Innovation

Wabash understands the economic, regulatory and operational challenges facing our customers and their businesses from first to final mile, and we’re passionate about making a difference. Our commitment to engineering and innovation stems from our desire to be the innovation leader that changes how the world reaches you.  
We’re constantly looking for breakthrough ideas and solutions that enable our customers to succeed. In addition to our own testing, we also partner with universities and third-party testing facilities to leverage specialized equipment. 

In-House Testing

Our R&D Test Center includes state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure regulatory compliance and the best possible performance: 

  • MTS Insight Electromechanical Universal Test System
  • MTS Hydraulic Universal Test System
  • MTS Custom 50-kip Test System
  • Fork Truck Simulator
  • Corrosion Test Chamber
  • Environmental Test Chamber
  • Canadian Rear Impact Guard Test Fixture
  • Rear Frame Test Fixture
  • UV Test Chamber
  • 3-Point Bend Test Fixture
  • Thermal Conductivity Test
  • Full Trailer Thermal Bay
  • Data Acquisition
Learn more about Wabash's exciting trailer innovations and the ways we’re positioning new enhancements for the future.