Processor Vessels

Walker EP - Processor  590x415


Matching Equipment to Process for Optimal Efficiency.

Aligning with your goals for success, Wabash creates fully customized processor vessels with the features, functionality and components necessary to optimize performance in your application. From food and beverage processing to fine chemical and cosmetic handling, our equipment matches agitation and temperature control to the process—and is designed to exceed regulatory requirements. Collaboration with you, plus our advanced technology, ensure a precision-engineered business solution.

Premier design

  • Standard sizes up to 12,000 gallons - for higher capacity options, inquire below
  • Custom agitation, heat transfer, materials, finishes and other options for targeted performance
  • Specially designed processors minimize contamination
  • Variety of application-specific agitators available
  • Varied insulation and temperature control mechanisms
  • Full or partial-load processing supported
  • Custom configurations

Customized performance

  • Optimized for your product and application
  • Precision performance
  • Maximized efficiency
  • Proven technologies
  • Flexible processing
  • 3A, USDA, ASME, PRN and CED certified

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